Brits are back in Benidorm
PEN TO PAPER: The number of Brits putting themselves on the padron is increasing

THE news this week that more Brits are registering on the padron is both pleasing and perhaps a little surprising.

Data from the Junta showed a fantastic 2% surge in the number of Britons who registered on the padron in 2018, compared with the previous year.

This is especially good news, as it comes just weeks after it was revealed that more Brits are also registering in Spain overall, despite fears over Brexit.

But these latest Andalucian census findings are somewhat surprising, given that other sizeable foreign groups have shown declines.

Germany, which has a huge expat population in the region, saw a 0.02% decrease in the number of its foreign nationals joining the census.

Added to that is the 3.19% slump in Romanians filling out their padron paperwork.

We must therefore be cautious, as well as celebrate, the British boost.

Experts believe Brexit has pushed more Brits to fill out their paperwork, something which will hopefully continue after B-day, unlike the Germans and Romanians.

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