ALERT: Mary has been found but her sister remains missing

A TWIN who vanished during birthday celebrations in Madrid has been found ‘ very traumatised’ while the whereabouts of her sister remain unknown.

Mary and Martha Osaro, from Ireland, had been on a night out in the La Latina area of the Spanish capital to celebrate turning 26.

The pair’s big sister, Jennifer, has been leading the search in Madrid and shared the news that Mary had been found, but Martha remained missing.

“I cannot disclose information of how I found her or where I found her. I can tell you now from the feedback I got from where I found her, she was very traumatised.

TWINS: Mary and Martha Osaro

“I’m still going to continue to look for Martha because I am not giving up. I have found one twin and I will find the other if it’s the last thing I do.”

Jennifer believes someone is holding back information about her sister Martha’s whereabouts and has appealed for help.

She said: “The police, Interpol and Irish embassy in Ireland and Spain have all their info.If you have any contacts in Madrid share to them as well.”

If you have any information please contact the Spanish police on +34913221072 or the newsroom on +34951273575

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