A PUB in Benidorm has been slammed for asking ‘Wanna rent a midget??’ on its street-front sign.

Chaplins Bar, a street away from Benidorm’s Levante beach, advertises the rental of midgets for hen parties and stag dos as entertainment on a night out.

But the popular boozer has now been accused of infringing upon ‘human rights’ and even a ‘hate crime’ against the disabled.

‘DISGUSTING’: The controversial sign in Benidorm

“The pub may have incurred violations of labour standards, but there is also a possible hate crime based on disability,” Felipe Orviz, the lawyer for the Alpe Achondroplasia Foundation, which supports dwarves, said.

“We will now ask the City of Benidorm to withdraw its license, and ask the new specialised prosecutor in disability law.”

Orviz added that the term ‘rent’ was ‘denigrating’ to midgets and dwarfs, who suffer a medical condition known as achondroplasia.

Social media users slammed the bar’s advertisement as ‘disgusting’ and ‘shameful’.

One user commented: “The FK It BAR in Benidorm also do this for €200 per night.

“I doubt if the poor guy even gets minimum wage from it. I have seen the poor guy with a dog lead and dog collar on. Shameful.”

Other, however, rushed to the bar’s defence, saying the midget earned €200 ‘per hour’ and that it was a ‘job opportunity’.

The bar were unavailable for comment.

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