CONTROVERSIAL: A Benidorm bar offered a midget people could rent out

DISCRIMINATION against the disabled has no place in any business, ever.

But a Benidorm pub accused of a ‘hate crime’ and an ‘infringement on human rights’ is taking political correctness too far.

A travel agency organising night’s out to the Costa Blanca destination told the Olive Press that the ‘dwarves’ were not ‘forced into it’.

It can be difficult for people suffering from achondroplasia, otherwise known as dwarfism, to find work.

But as social media commentators have commented that dwarves can make up to ‘€200’ an hour from their trade, the business of stag and hen parties is a lucrative proposition.

If they are there just to be humiliated and laughed at, then that should be stamped out.

But if they are entertainers who enjoy giving partygoers a laugh, then what’s wrong with that?

Chaplin’s declined to comment when contacted by this newspaper.

But if an upcoming investigation finds their dwarf to be proud of his work, and doing it without any coercion or humiliation, then we should crouch behind him.

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