THIS is the moment a group of British lads used a beer bong on a flight from Stansted to the Costa Blanca.

The boozers, headed to Benidorm via Alicante airport, poured two cans of Heineken through the green funnel onboard the 6.10am flight last Saturday.

In a video posted online, a Ryanair stewardess said ‘this is fine’ and even helped to hold the bong.

MAN DOWN: The passenger falls into the aisle on board the Ryanair flight to Alicante

The drinker ended up falling into the aisle as a friend shouted ‘top him up’.

Another friend poured beer onto the downed passenger’s face, spilling alcohol onto the aisle.

Another passenger then put the funnel on his head and danced up and down singing ‘he’s got a beer bong on his head, he’s got a beer bong on his head’.

Another then shouts ‘spillage in the village’ as drops of beer splatter everyone involved.

HATTRICK: Another passenger put the bong on his head singing ‘he’s got a beer bong on his head’

A witness told the Sun Online it looked like the lads had been ‘up all night’ before boarding.

She added: “It’s crazy that people like this are even allowed on planes but how the hell they get away with things like this once they’re on board baffles me.

“I imagine a plane like that would have been packed at this time of the year and other passengers must have been pretty uncomfortable.

HELPING HAND: The stewardess said ‘this in fine’ before helping to hold the beer bong

“Okay, it’s a group of lads enjoying themselves and there doesn’t appear to be any violence.

“But who knows what can happen when you’ve got a large group of big men in a closed environment who are quite obviously off their heads on alcohol.”

Ryanair declined to comment.

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