A VIDEO has shown Spurs fans chanting wildly and lifting up chairs in a bar in Madrid last night.

A separate clip showed the aftermath after police raided the bar and allegedly battered ‘50 fans’ ‘for no reason’.

But the earlier video posted to COYS NEWS revealed the motive as a bar owner reportedly phoned the police to contain the rowdy crowd.


Geplaatst door COYS News op Vrijdag 31 mei 2019

The video, captioned YIDS IN MADRID, shows supporters chanting ‘allez allez allez, City thought they’d won it, but Tottenham pulled it back’.

The fans get louder and start jumping on chairs getting more out of control.

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An estimated 100,000 fans are set to descend on Madrid for the Champions League Final.

Tottenham Hotspur staged a dramatic comeback to beat Manchester City and then Ajax in the semi-finals to reach the final for the first time.


  1. There you go yesterday the Olive Press wrongly reported Police action for no reason and now we have the video that warrants the Police action. One thing the Spanish Police are known for is their tolerance of Football Hooligans, so how about an apology from the Olive press for not getting all the facts before you print/ post articles.

    Location : canaries
      • As is often the case in Spain the police are very OTT on footie fans – and protesters as we saw in Catalunya with the so called referendum.
        This was the biggest police mobilisation in the capital’s history I read in the mail today – and how many arrests? Less than a dozen out of 100.000 plus fans… The mood was amazing, the fans were mixing brilliantly and there was almost no trouble – apart from that caused by these cops

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