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A BRITISH holidaymaker has called for better safety measures after a man ‘almost died’ after falling into Puerto Banus harbour in Marbella. 

Eileen Harte, 49, was left shaken during a night out with pals last night when she says she saw a fellow Brit drowning in the water of the upmarket resort. 

The reveller, who was more than 6ft tall and of a ‘very heavy’ build, fell into the water near the popular Newscafe at around 2am. 

“A life saving ring was thrown to him but he kept going under the water whilst the police stood there,” she told the Olive Press today. 

“I screamed for someone to get him out – while they were all standing there watching him as he was drowning.

“Another Brit climbed down the ladder and grabbed his black T-shirt and kept him above the water.

“He was a heavy man so was difficult for this man to lift him up the ladder on his own.”

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Better security needed at the port’s edges, says Brit

Harte said there were dramatic scenes as fellow revellers were screaming at the lad, in his 20s, to climb up the ladder.

“He was scared and dazed from nearly drowning,” recalled Harte, who holidays in Marbella every year.

“I talked to him softly telling him he was safe it’s was ok and to try and move his legs to climb up the ladder. He kept repeating my words with tears running down his face I am safe.”

Harte added that a policeman eventually dragged the struggling Brit out of the water. 

“Another policeman arrived heavy built and straight away leaned over the side and grabbed him nearly falling in himself but two men held his feet,” she recalled.

“He grabbed the man out of the harbour with the help of the man already on the ladder keeping his head above water.”

Harte is now calling for better safety measures around the popular party spot. 

“I do not understand why there is no barrier preventing this it’s an easy accident to happen, anyone can fall into the harbour.

“It’s wrong and so very dangerous and something needs to done. What’s more important making the harbour look pretty or saving someone’s life?”

We have contacted Policia Local for comment. 

Did you witness this incident or know the lad who fell in? Contact newsdesk@theolivepress.es 

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