BEAUTIES : Ukraine-born actress Mila Kunis and England’s Prince Harry (right)

THE top 50 best-looking nationalities have been revealed with the English rated higher than Spaniards in the ‘sexy’ stakes. 

Ukrainians have been voted the world’s most beautiful people, according to the survey of social media users.

High-ranking nationalities included Brazilian, Australian and the English, who narrowly scrapped it into the top 10.

At the other end of the table was the Irish, in last place, while American ranked 45th.

The survey saw a sample of 8,500 respondents quizzed, those taking part were given no specifications of the term ‘sexy’, so the interpretation was left up to them.

Here it is on the record, the English beat the Spanish in the international looks league.


  1. On your list I miss ‘Korean’. Go to Gangnam in Seoul, then you understand what I mean. You remember ‘Gangnam Style’ song by singer Psy, crying ‘…oh sexy lady….??

    In year 1970 by an intergovernmental agreement there came 7,000 Korean nurses to work in German hospitals. 50% of them somedays returned to Korea, the other 50% had been married by Germans.

    Therefor I don’t trust into Germany’s rank number 44. The children and grandchildren of those 3,500 couples justify a better position.

    Location : Germany

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