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One journalist’s quest to explain to Spain’s media just why Queen Elizabeth meant so much

On the day that Liz Truss became the United Kingdom’s new prime minister, I was expecting a call from Spanish TV channel La Sexta....

Spaniards’ support for NATO reinforced since Russian invasion of Ukraine

SUPPORT for NATO has grown among Spaniards since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in February. A report from the Elcano Royal Institute revealed that...

British man and Spaniards carrying hash and cocaine arrested at Marbella police roadblocks as drug crime returns to Spain’s...

A BRITISH national and two Spaniards have been arrested in Marbella after being caught with hash and cocaine. The trio, who are understood to have...

IN PICS: Thirsty Spaniards and expats hit cafes and bars as Costa del Sol enters Phase 1 of Spain’s...

The next stage of Spain's coronavirus deescalation plan saw many bars and cafes throw open their doors for the first time in nine weeks

Around 2,000 Spaniards trapped abroad will be repatriated in the next few days

THE Spanish Foreign Ministry has announced that it will repatriate around 2,000 Spaniards trapped abroad in the coming few days.

Spaniards worse at speaking English than Romanians, Serbians and Greeks, new study finds, but who are Spain’s worst linguists?

Andalucia was the sixth worst region, ahead of Valencia, the Canary Islands, Murcia, the Balearic Islands and Extremadura

FIT LIST: English people voted sexier than Spanish as world’s top 50 best-looking nationalities revealed

THE top 50 best-looking nationalities have been revealed with the English rated higher than Spaniards in the ‘sexy’ stakes.  Ukrainians have been voted the world’s...

Over one third of Spaniards never read books

The government revealed that 35% admitted to never partaking in the pastime on the eve of a huge school reading drive

A typical Spaniard’s lifestyle is unhealthier than they think

Spaniards judge their lifestyle to be very healthy despite generally sleeping little, skipping breakfast and feasting on red meat…

Government estimates 21 Spaniards still missing in Nepal after earthquake

The number of Spaniards estimated to be missing in Nepal following the earthquake has dropped from 35 to 21

Good education more crucial to success than working hard, say Spaniards

Only 47% thought that working hard was important for success
girls beach naked e

Spanish nudist beaches dominated by Germans

While half of Spanish women go topless on the beach, Germans are most likely to go full buff

Mediterranean diet could reduce risk of heart-related illnesses by 30%

New Spanish trial cut short after 'amazing' results

Pork sales plummet in Spain

Spaniards are chewing their way through more chicken than pork for the first time ever

Food parcel plea to help Spaniards

Red Cross issues appeal for €30m to help 2.3 million people considered ‘extremely vulnerable’

Smoking out the Spanish smugglers

Six vehicles – and a canoe – seized in cigarette smuggling crackdown

Romantic Spaniards versus stingy Britons

British couples spend the least on Valentine's Day minibreaks

Worker woe

Spaniards work a longer week on average than other European nations despite the average Spanish salary being much lower, according to Eurostat.

Driven barking mad

Spain still clings onto second place in world's noisiest country awards thanks to its over-zealous dogs

Smuggler birds are go!

Microlights loaded with drugs increasingly used by smugglers





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