THE Spanish Foreign Ministry has announced that it will repatriate around 2,000 Spaniards trapped abroad in the coming few days.

According to data from the Ministry, so far 24,000 have already returned since the outbreak of the coronavirus, but thousands more are still trapped abroad.

It is also likely that the repatriation flights will go into May as well.

The countries with the most Spaniards who are due to return in the next few days are Argentina, Australia, Equatorial Guinea, Peru and the Philippines.

The East Asian archipelago is what offers the biggest challenge for the Spanish Foreign Ministry, as the country has 7,000 islands with Spaniards dispersed throughout.

This comes after in the last few days around 50 Spaniards returned from both Senegal and Venezuela, with a further 300 returning from Argentina.

The repatriation of these citizens has been made within the frameworks of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, which finances a large part of the operation for EU citizens to return home during the pandemic.

Spain is the third highest country within the EU with repatriated citizens, with 3,000, trailing behind Germany and France.

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