A BRITISH national and two Spaniards have been arrested in Marbella after being caught with hash and cocaine.

The trio, who are understood to have been travelling separately, were snared at Policia Nacional roadblocks today.

Officers pulled the motorists over during routine traffic stops, but then realised they were transporting drugs.

One of those arrested was driving a scooter and was caught with 25 balls of hash about his person.

The man had the drugs stashed in his clothes, as well as €95 in cash.

He was arrested on charges of ‘drug trafficking’ and police seized his scooter and mobile phone.

CHECKPOINT: Police officer checks papers of motorists in Spain

Another arrest took place when a man approached a police traffic stop and attempted to evade officers.

He is understood to have discarded a box containing wraps of hash on the motorway.

However police caught up with the man, whose vehicle was not specified, recovered the drugs and proceeded to arrest him for an alleged crime against public health.

Between the two arrests, 62.26 grams of hash were seized.

Another motorist, who is believed to have been driving a car was also cuffed after police searched his car and found cocaine.

The man, who police also stopped as part of routine precautions, was caught with five wraps of coke, weighing 4.12 grams in total.

He was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

This trio of arrests follows a flurry of other drug-related and criminal activity as Spain exits its coronavirus lockdown and tourism returns.

As lockdown eased in May, the Costa del Sol saw a spate of Brit-linked violence, including a brutal knife fight.

Andalucia has also seen increased activity across the Strait of Gibraltar, as traffickers ship drugs into southern Spain for sale across Europe.

One of the region’s drug kingpins was snared this week, while last week a trio of Brits were also cuffed after police discovered they were in possession of copious amounts of cannabis and a drone.

Up on the Costa Blanca another gang boss, who used a ‘martial arts bodyguard’ was also detained.

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