SPANIARDS are chewing their way through more chicken than pork for the first time ever.

Spain is Europe’s biggest consumer of pork, but rising prices and the economic crisis have forced many families to seek cheaper alternatives.

Pork prices have increased by 35% over the last year, partly because of rising feed costs owing to the US summer drought.

Exports to China have also doubled.

This led to a 6.2% decline in pork sales last year – to 798,000 tons – while poultry sales remained roughly the same at 810,000 tons.

Spain’s pork industry is worth €11 billion and accounts for 5.5% of all fresh food sold in the country.

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  1. In Muslim world, eating pork is a sin and Especially in India few people think pork is edible. Though I know some north eastern Indian people eat pork I saw when I was in New Delhi.
    Here people like chicken more than Mutton.
    Fish is also preferred in Bangla region.

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