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‘UNACCEPTABLE’: Spain’s Pedro Sanchez hits back at Donald Trump’s tariffs on Spanish wine, cheese, olives and pork

"My responsibility as prime minister is to defend the agricultural sector in the face of any attempt to railroad us with tariffs"

Third elderly victim confirmed dead in Spain’s largest ever listeria outbreak as 200 still infected in total

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

The 15 foods you MUST avoid as second person dies in Spain’s ‘largest ever’ listeria outbreak

A SECOND person has fallen victim to a bacterial infection following Spain's 'largest ever' outbreak of listeriosis. A 72-year-old man passed away today from...

First death of listeria outbreak in Spain’s Andalucia is 90-year-old woman who had eaten popular pork product

It comes as the infected meat products were revealed to have been distributed to Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Tenerife and Madrid

Listeria outbreak infects 80 people including 15 pregnant women in Spain’s Andalucia after bacteria found in 2,000 packs of...

Healthy people may have mild symptoms, however listeria can be fatal for older people, newborns and patients with weakened immune systems

Waste parts of Spanish pigs are a Chinese delicacy

Pig intestines, stomachs and ears have sparked a rapidly-growing trend in China

Pork sales plummet in Spain

Spaniards are chewing their way through more chicken than pork for the first time ever

Pigs to the slaughter

The annual killing of pigs in preparation for the winter has taken place in Andalucia

Jamon bubble bursts

The price of Andalucian pork products is plummeting this festive season

Muslim ham complaint thrown out

A Muslim family who complained about the mention of ham in class will not get redress. Spanish judges are having none of it

The world’s healthiest pork

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson




Meet Spanish banking royalty who beat real thing to become only woman from Spain on Forbes Top 100 list

WITH her Harvard Business School diploma and CEO status, she is treated as Spanish royalty. And Ana Botín beats both Her Royal Majesty and...