SHUT DOWN: Arroyo Vaquero in Estepona was closed to the public after Bacteria was found

A COSTA del Sol beach has been shut down due to high levels of bacteria detected in the water.

The beach of Arroyo Vaquero in Estepona remains closed off to the public after high bacterial concentrations were found.

The source of the problem is a water sanitation pump, which led the Ministry of Health and Families to temporarily ban bathing in the sea.

PROBE: Estepona City Council have now opened an investigation with Hidralia

Hidralia and Estepona City Council have opened an investigation into the privately-owned pump, which is believed to be undergoing repairs.

A source from the Junta de Andalucia told Europa Press that it is awaiting a report.

The parameters for bacterial levels were exceeded at the beach, but those who have gone in the sea are not believed to be at risk.

It comes just a week after Playa de Fuentebravia in Cadiz was also closed to the public by the Ministry of Health.

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