FREEDOM: For Robert (left) after a long wait for justice

THANK god British engineer Robert Mansfield-Hewitt has been released from prison this month. 

It is unfathomable that a UK citizen could have been locked up for SEVEN months without even being charged.

Incredibly, he was forced to wait a further four months for his day in court before being released more than a month later.

And all in an EU country and very close ally to Britain no less! 

How many other cases like Robert’s have there been? 

There was no evidence connecting him to the drugs and least of all no workable motive, given his decades-long career with the British government. 

All the while, there seems to have been no investigation launched into the owner of the property where the drugs were found. 

The case seems mired in corruption with local police apparently deciding to try and pin it on Robert from day one. 

Either way, we are delighted that the pressure we have maintained on the authorities throughout this year, appears to have had some effect.

NO OTHER expat paper was willing to do that. And we are happy Robert appreciates it.

There is nothing like being forgotten to rust in prison.

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