Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Jail for 12 Moroccans who forced the landing in Palma

A JUDGE in Palma has issued a provisional prison sentence to 12 young Moroccans who fled onto the runway at Palma de Mallorca airport on Friday night,...

Government responds as Spain’s first state of alarm declared unconstitutional

THE government has hit back after Spain's top court ruled that last year's strict coronavirus lockdown was unconstitutional. In a statement, the Minister of Justice...

Almeria politician accused of taking bribes in awarding COVID PPE contract

By Elena Goçmen Rueda A DRUGS gang turned to the corrupt supply of anti-COVID PPE protective equipment as easy pickings. So far 11 arrests have been...

OPINION: Justice at last!

British engineer Robert Mansfield-Hewitt has been released from prison this month

VICTORY: British man FINALLY released without charge after being locked up with terrorists for over a YEAR near Spain’s...

e Chichester man was cuffed after he stayed at a rental apartment in San Roque, where police seized the €5.5 million worth of drugs from an adjoining garage

Thousands march in Madrid as depopulation rocks rural Spain

MADRID has seen large protests by rural Spaniards who fear their communities are withering away. The movement, labelled the ‘revolt of an empty Spain,’ brought...

Law change needed after rockstar Gary Owens ends up in jail for crime he did not commit

Spanish courts have so much to answer regarding how Owens, of heavy metal band A II Z, came to be incarcerated for a murder he did not commit

Madrid judges probed over receiving payments in return for IT contracts

Judges have been receiving 'back door' payments since 2011

Innocent in jail?

The tale of a Dutchman's jail nightmare which turned out to be a huge miscarriage of justice

Spain in European court over environmental neglect

Two separate cases for poor waste management and a rail link between Sevilla and Almeria

Spain to boost global fight against pirate fishing

Massive boost to project puts Spain in leading position

Judicial donkeys

Bartie laments the lack of justice in the world

Spanish justice at last

Mother thanks the Olive Press after son’s killer is found guilty of murder

Take a bung, m’lud?

As judge is jailed for bribery, half of Spain believes money buys freedom




Javier Bardem-starring movie scoops record number of Goya award nominations in Spain

A film starring Javier Bardem has broken a Goya record by getting 20 nominations for the prestigious Spanish Film Academy awards. The Good Boss(El Buen...


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