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TRAPPED: Robert’s family were desperate to get him out of prison, where he even spent Christmas 2018

A BRITISH man locked up with terrorists for a year without charge has FINALLY been released.

Robert Mansfield-Hewitt, 51, is a free man, having been released without charge from Algeciras’ notorious Botafuegos prison.

Air bnb robert  e
FREED: Robert Mansfield-Hewitt has been taken safely back across the border to Gibraltar

Locked up with ETA terrorists and murderers, the engineer – who has a PHD and is an avid poet in his spare time – was jailed over a mix-up involving 1.5 tonnes of hashish.

The Chichester man was cuffed after he stayed at a rental apartment in San Roque, where police seized the €5.5 million worth of drugs from an adjoining garage.

SPLASH: The Olive Press carried the injustice of Mansfield’s imprisonment on the front page of Issue 320

Officers were alerted to the property after a Moroccan man was seen breaking into the garage, which Robert said he never stepped foot inside.

“I feel a huge ‘welcome home’ party looming,” said Cliff Ruffle, 57, who has known Mansfield for years.

Cliff added that a ‘close friend’ had ‘driven Robert back over the border to safety, in Gibraltar.

More details to follow…

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