MONSTER: Taxi rapist John Worboys is learning Spanish in prison

A CRIMINAL starting a new life in Spain.

It all sounds very familiar (The Dirty Dozen, Issue 220, pg 6-7).

That is until you realise that said crook is serial rapist John Worboys, who – it has emerged – is learning Spanish from behind bars.

In a bid to follow numerous British convicts to Spain, the black cab sex offender has apparently been practicing the language with ‘books and DVDs’ in prison.

The monster, from London, was jailed for the sexual assaults of 12 women, and has even now changed his name to John Derek Radford.

The British and Spanish authorities cannot allow his move to Spain.

Worboys would be among the sickest and most dangerous expat criminals to have ever inhabited this country.

We are used to conmen, drug dealers and even killers in these parts.

However, if Worboys does settle here upon his release, it would mark a whole new league of depravity.

John Worboys must be blocked from entering Spain.

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