SECURITY services in Marbella have stepped up their operations to cope with the huge influx of tourists this summer. 

It comes as the 140,000-strong population is set to triple between July and September.

Policia Nacional have added 13 additional agents while Policia Local have added an extra 30 bobbies on the beat every day.

The two forces will intensify their surveillance in Puerto Banus and Marbella port, the most popular spots for rowdy tourists.

They will be aided by two new drones, which will be flown by 12 Policia Local pilots.

One of the drones has a thermal camera which will carry out surveillance operations in urbanisations to catch would-be robbers.

Helicopters will also be patrolling the skies of the coast.

Councillor for Public Safety Jose Eduardo Diaz said: “Marbella is a safe destination where there is a quick and effective response to any type of crime.”

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