VALENCIA will experience temperatures similar to those currently enjoyed in Miami by 2050, according to a study on climate change.

The median annual temperature will rise in Spain’s third-largest city from 24.1°C to 25.5 °C in the next 30 years.

This increase will offer Valencia annual warmth similar to that currently experienced in the Florida destination, and in Abuja, Nigeria.

The study, published in in the Plos One journal last February, said the Spanish city’s climate itself will become aligned with that of Bangalore or Mandalay.

To gather the results, researchers looked at half a million cities the world over.

They found London’s climate will become more like that currently in Barcelona, and Madrid like Tehran.

HEATWAVE: Heatwaves like those experience this year will become more common

What this warming means for Valencia in the hottest month of year, however, is an average temperature increase from 30.4 °C to 32.9 °C.

It also means the yellow alert issued by the Spanish Met Office as Valencia’s interior reached 38 °C will become increasingly common.

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