Medieval ruins found in Malaga will be mostly destroyed

A UK-based historical group has blasted Malaga city’s decision to only preserve ‘some’ of the elements of a recently discovered medieval metropolis. 

The International History Students & Historians Group, a London-based collective of around 500 students, graduates and doctorates, wrote a letter to Mayor Francisco de la Torre saying it was ‘perplexed’ by the decision. 

It comes after the Junta ruled it would only keep some of the medieval Moorish ruins found by  El Corte Ingles before destroying the rest to make way for metro upgrades. 

President of the grouping Joao Viegas said he condemned the ruling. 

He wrote: “The economic side should not overcome the historical side and its identity…any historical discovery brings not only an important testimony about our past, but above all it is part of the identity of a nation.”

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