A BRITISH-run post office and currency exchange has been left shocked after ‘professional’ thieves stole €9,000 in broad daylight.

Postal Connections, in Calpe, suffered the break-in at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon when a hole was blasted out behind their Eurochange exchange booth.

The criminal gang then ‘overrode’ the code to the safe and made off with the cash of all different currencies.

CALPE JOB: The shop was closed at the time of the break-in

“I walked round to the booth on Monday morning, as normal, and found it completely ransacked,” Heidi Bingham, co-owner of the business, told the Olive Press.

“It was such a shock, there were money bags everywhere and the safe wide open.”

She said the thieves entered through a ‘cleaning cupboard’ in an apartment block next door.

The gang had prepared ready-cut ‘toilet roll’ to slide over the CCTV cameras.

‘SUCH A SHOCK’: Postal Connections is based in Calpe a stone’s throw from the Arenal-Bol beach

Bingham, 43, believed they may have escaped suspicion by posing as ‘plumbers’ or ‘concierges’ for the apartments.

Guardia Civil said the criminals had used a special device to scramble the code to open the safe.

“Anytime is a bad time for this to happen, but right now everybody’s trying to change money,” Bingham added.

“More than anything it’s the vulnerability you feel when someone gets past your alarms.”

There are currently no suspects, according to Guardia Civil.

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