‘BANNED’: Mario’s stall on the frontier has allegedly been forbidden from selling by the town hall

A LOCAL fruit seller has allegedly been banned from plying his trade on the border with Gibraltar in southern Spain.

Known only as Mario, the man has reportedly been selling treats – known as cocitos – on the frontier in La Linea for years.

But he has now been ‘forbidden by the town hall’, according to a fundraiser, just as his wife has become extremely ill.

“Many of you may know this poor guy who has been years living from the little money he gets by selling his cocitos at the frontier,” the appeal, launched by Gail Munoz on GoGetFunding reads.

“He spends all day there in the sun, not disturbing anyone, and trying to earn money legally.

“His wife is ill and can’t work and unfortunately he also has a disease that limits him from working in other fields.

SNAPPED: One of many people at the border accused of trying to charge tourists a ‘crossing fee’

“Yesterday, he was told by the Municipales that he could no longer sell but then we see these junkies ripping off tourists on a daily basis and this couple who claim that their house got burnt and have two kids and need money (they have been doing this for approx seven years now and their kids must be immortal because their ages never change)!”

Munoz added that she is collecting money for Mario so he can support his family while she works on getting him a working licence in Gibraltar.

It comes as residents and workers on the Rock continue to snap photos of scammers trying to charge unsuspecting tourists a fee for crossing the border.

“It happens daily,” a worker on the Rock told the Olive Press.

“They take their money then just run away, I’m sick of getting out of my car and telling them to get lost!”

La Linea town hall was not available for comment.

Do you know Mario and want to help? Get in touch at newsdesk@theolivepress.es 

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