NICE TRY: Driver allegedly tried to cover up night in strip club with fake kidnapping story

A TAXI driver has been arrested after allegedly falsely claiming he was kidnapped and forced to spend his earnings on drugs and prostitutes. 

The VTC driver told police in Fuengirola that a customer stole his daily intake and held him at knife point.

It was then, he claimed, that the customer forced him to drive to a strip club, take drugs and pay for prostitutes. 

However agents from the Special Violent Crimes Unit (UDEV) quickly noticed holes in the driver’s story.

Particuarly after it emerged he had taken a taxi to his friend’s home, sold him a motorbike and returned to the club with cash to pay for more sex – which he claimed was done under duress. 

The driver was allegedly covering up for spending his daily intake and missing his shift the next day

The alleged fairytale didn’t end there, with the driver claiming the ‘kidnapper’ then took him to his garage and forcibly locked him in there for hours. 

Police interviewed workers at the club who contradicted the driver’s story, saying he was ‘at no point’ under duress and that he voluntarily handed over the cash from the motorbike sale.

Both men had sex with several women that night, they claimed. 

Police believe the men, who knew each other previously, had decided to spend the night at the club. 

The driver, who spent all the money destined for the company he worked for, decided to make up the kidnapping story to justify the stolen funds and to account for not turning up for his shift the next day, police allege. 

He has been arrested for falsifying a crime. 

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