PENALISED: Dog owners in Ronda can now be fined for not picking up their dog’s mess

DOG owners in Ronda can now be fined for not carrying bags and bottles to clear up their pets’ mess, it has been announced.

A failure to take bags and a bottle on walks now carries a penalty of between €100 and €200.

Meanwhile those who do not pick up their animals’ poo can now be fined €150.

sierra de ronda
RONDA: Residents could be fined, in a bid to crackdown on dog mess being left

Also announced was the distribution of 500 bottles containing cleaning fluid, accompanied by instructions on how to clean up after pets.

The bottles, which must be filled with water to dilute the liquid, are intended to clean up animal urine.

The new measures were unveiled by Ronda delegate of the Environment, Juan Carlos Gonzalez.

The politician said: “We want all pet owners to know about the new regulations and their obligations to prevent the city ??getting dirty, because animal waste is not being cleaned.”

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