TWO 18-year-olds have been arrested and charged with fraud for trying to pay for drinks in a bar in Magaluf with Monopoly money.

The alleged incident took place when the two tourists, whose names have not been revealed, were in a pub in Punta Ballena, in Magaluf, Mallorca.

According to local newspaper Ultima Hora, on Tuesday night the teenage boys were very drunk and found banknotes on the floor of the pub. 

The notes were reportedly fake colour photocopies with an English inscription that made it clear it was not legal currency.

The Irish teenagers are said to have tried to pay for their drinks using the notes, when the waitress noticed and called over the manager.

Local police were called and the officers reportedly found a huge amount of banknotes on the teens when they were arrested.

On Thursday morning, the suspects were sent to a judge who released them on bail.

They are charged with a non-serious crime of fraud.

It is unclear what further action has been taken by police or if they are still in Spain.

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