POLICIA Nacional have arrested a boy, 16, for shining a high-power laser at three pilots landing aeroplanes in Valencia’s airport.

Police arrested the boy on top of an apartment block in the Avenida del Cid area of Valencia city.

The 16-year-old was alone and had a 16cm laser in his front pocket.

LASER QUEST: A third pilot alerted Policia Nacional to the exact location of boy on top of an apartment block in Valencia

Pilots landing in the Valencia-Manises airport alerted police to the presence of the boy on Monday night.

While agents were combing the area, a third pilot confirmed the perpetrator’s position on top of the apartment block using on-board location systems.

The boy admitted to shining the green laser at aeroplanes, before police released him to his parents without charge.

Spain’s Criminal Law for Air Navigation only has power to issue administrative sanctions for shining lasers at aeroplanes.

In the USA, the offence carries a five-year jail sentence.

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