SMASHED: The Audi A4 a teen crashed into a school after his dad left the engine running

A JOY ride has gone pear-shaped after an Irish teen smashed through a school wall in his dad’s Audi A4.

The cheeky 13-year-old hopped into the driver’s seat as his father left the engine running outside a garage in San Pedro.

All chaos then ensued as the minor – who cannot be held criminally responsible – then floored it and crashed into the courtyard of the Cum Laude School.

REAR VIEW: The wall of a school courtyard, which was completely destroyed in the accident

The incident took place on Wednesday at around 7:00pm after the father, also Irish, exited the vehicle.

Despite the child accelerating sharply after putting the car into gear, there were no injuries reported.

There was however extensive damage to the Spanish-plated family saloon, while the school’s wall was completely destroyed.

The identity of the father has not been confirmed and it is not clear if he was renting the Audi.

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