HASH: Five Brits arrested in bust on ‘drug courier service’

A GROUP of five British men and women has been arrested after police busted a cannabis ‘delivery service’.

The three men and two women, aged 38 to 62, are being held in prison after 100kg of drugs, intended for the UK and other countries, was seized.

Policia Nacional officers found a mix of 52kg of hash and weed, along with 51kg of vacuum-packed marijuana buds.

Around €23,000 in cash was also recovered by police.

SLIPPERY: The suspects reportedly frequently changed their cars and houses to keep police in the dark

The detainees are accused of running a Malaga-based courier service, which also distributed to Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

According to police the Brit suspects would frequently change their rented cars and apartments to keep officers off the scent.

In May 58kg of drugs was intercepted at a courier office, with another 17kg discovered in August.

Once identified, police then conducted raids on the suspects’ homes, in which they found a further 28kg of drugs.

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