A THIEF posing as a charity worker has stolen a brand new iPhone X from a Brit expat while she was dining in a Costa Blanca restaurant.

‘Distraction tactics’ were used as the con artist approached Jacqueline Parker and her two nephews whilst eating out in Javea’s Arenal area.

The ‘pregnant-looking woman’ put a begging note on top of the Javea resident’s phone, before snatching both as staff asked her to leave.

‘NEVER SEEN BEFORE’: Staff at the Arenal restaurant said it was the first time they had seen the con tactic in action

“It’s caused so much hassle and upset I would rather people knew how this happened,” Jacqueline told the Olive Press.

She said the woman came ‘inside’ the restaurant – which is not being named – and put the card over her phone.

Her getaway was so quick, neither Jacqueline’s family nor staff initially noticed.

However, after using the ‘Find My Phone’ app failed, Local Police were called.

“The police were brilliant. They looked everywhere but came back with nothing,” Jacqueline added.

“The waitress said it was the first time she had come across this situation.

“Please be aware that this is happening and keep your personal belongings safe.”

The iPhone X was ‘brand new’, and has a starting price of  €1,000.

Have you had your personal belongings stolen by con tactics in Spain? Contact the Olive Press on newsdesk@theolivepress.es. 

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