A HOODED gang stormed a nightclub on Marbella’s Golden Mile, before wrecking it with iron bars.

The thugs approached Momento club shortly after midnight on Sunday in four high-end cars with their license plates covered. 

Approximately four people left each vehicle, before entering the club and destroying furniture inside. 

RAIDED: Marbella’s popular Momento nightclub

“They were armed with extendable iron bars,” said a source. “They destroyed everything in their path. They broke phones against the walls.” 

The attack lasted 10 minutes, before the thugs fled the scene, hurling a smoke bomb behind them so they couldn’t be followed. 

No staff or revellers were attacked during the assault, but one person was left slightly wounded in the fallout. The club’s bouncers failed to intervene in the raid, which took them by surprise. 

The Policía Nacional said the attack was organised by professionals.

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