ROCKET: The meteor could be seen for miles around over Sevilla’s province

A HUGE fireball soared over skies in Sevilla and Cordoba on Monday night, hitting speeds believed to be around 37,903mph.

The giant rock – which became detached from an asteroid in space – entered the Earth’s atmosphere at around 9:32 pm last night. 

It became visible from the north-easterly side of Sevilla, driving at such a phenomenal speed that a fireball encaved around the flying asteroid. 

The fireball, which could be seen from more than 400 kilometers away, passed over San Nicolas del Puerto, Alanis and Guadalcanal, before it disintegrated, at a height of around 42 kilometers, above the town of Zafra.

Scientists who were watching the fireball noted that several explosions occurred towards the end of its path, thus indicating that the rock had completely fallen apart, with no fragments landing on Earth’s soil.

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