A BIZARRE video has emerged of a ‘drunk’ woman being hauled around on the back of a mobility scooter.

Shot in Benidorm, the hilarious footage shows a seemingly intoxicated woman being chauffeured about by what is thought to be her hubby.

HAULED: The woman is taken through a Benidorm street on the back of a mobility scooter

The woman is slumped over the back seat of the vehicle before it pulls up outside Rocky’s Benidorm Pub in Calle Gerona.

Onlookers clap, while others cheer and laugh as the woman rocks from side to side with her head back.

The video was posted online by @kidcookster with the caption ‘Welcome to Benidorm’ and has been shared more than 8,000 times, according to the Sun.

One online commenter said: “I’m very embarrassed about the British people’s behavior abroad. Spanish people protest about this kind of stuff man.”

However another joked, ‘Who says romance is dead?’.

It is unclear what time of the day the footage was filmed.

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