THE gay mayor of a small Cordoba province town claims he’s been stopped from being the town crier for a local religious brotherhood because he’s married to a man.

Juanma Poyato is the elected civic leader of the mountain community of Zuheros with a population of over 600 people.


He says that the Brotherhood of El Rocío de Cabra nominated him to be this year’s town crier, but when the parish priest heard about his marital status, he vetoed his appointment.

Poyato commented: “Hopefully one day they will be able to see beyond where they want to see, and see that happiness can be enjoyed in many ways, without ceasing to be a Christian.”

He said the decision would not change his status as a member of the brotherhood that is devoted to the Virgen del Rocio.

MAYOR POYATO(Facebook image)

“In spite of everything, I am not going to judge anyone, as the parish priest or my Brotherhood of El Rocío have judged me,” the mayor added.

He also wished the new town crier ‘the best of luck’.

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