A HEAVY holidaymaker has plunged 20 metres to his death off a cliff after some railings he leant on gave way.

The 57-year-old Dutchman, who weighed over 100 kilos, was retrieving a ball with a net near where he had been staying with his family.

The tragedy took place at Cala Vinyes, in Calvia, Mallorca at around 4:50pm on Saturday. 

DANGER: The spot where the tourist fell to his death after supporting his weight on some railings

A Guardia Civil investigation found that the top bar of the railings gave way, but that the structure was in perfect condition.

Police believe the man’s size was the reason the cliff edge fencing gave way.

He had reportedly reached through some bushes after the family had lost the ball, while splashing about in the pool of their villa in Carrer Cap Falco.

He then fell over the cliff, hitting the rocks below, where he was knocked unconscious.

An air ambulance rushed to attend him, but despite revival efforts of 45 minutes, he was pronounced dead before he reached hospital.

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