NO CAR ZONE: Vehicles are to be banned from the area

THE mayor of Madrid has announced plans to pedestrianise the Puerta del Sol, in a bid to reduce traffic pollution.

Jose Luis Martinez Almeida has indicated that a part of the main street – from Sol to Espartero – will be redeveloped to close the site off to cars.

Vice mayor Begona Villacs added: “It is not the only environment in the city which could be pedestrianised”. 

According to municipal data, there are currently 6,800 cars that use the area, including 4,000 taxis, 70% of which circulate around the square.

Almeida said the development will be done in collaboration with the Official College of Architects.

He said: “Together with Canalejas Square, it will be one of the great urban areas that will distinguish the capital.”

The mayor has not revealed any more details of the plan, but said it was ‘definite’.

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