FIVE people have been arrested in connection with the Listeria outbreak which has killed seven people and affected at least 200. 

Guardia Civil cuffed the owner of the Magrudis company and his two sons following the opening of an investigation in court of instruction 10 in Sevilla.

Another two high ranking employees were also taken away in a raid on the factory yesterday.

The meat production facility, in the Poligono el Pino, is one of several properties linked to the company which have been shut down.

Seprona, the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil, will carry out an investigation in the premises.

The company is responsible for the Listeria outbreak which became fully known in August this year.

The lethal bacteria can prove fatal in people with weak immune systems or pregnant women.

At least seven pregnancies have had to be terminated due to the mothers becoming infected.

One woman is suing Sevilla and Magrudis after she was forced to endure an eight-hour delivery of her stillborn twins.

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