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Listeria warning in Spanish chorizo issued by European Food Alert Network

THE AUCHAN brand of “extra strong” Spanish chorizo has been alerted to consumers for a possible link to listeria. The European Food Alert Network (RASFF)...

WARNING: Deadly LISTERIA detected in popular Aldi product in Spain

ALDI has sounded the alarm after one if its products was found to be contaminated with listeria.  The warning at the weekend came just days...

Owners of meat company behind deadly listeria outbreak distributed 110,000 kilos of product AFTER becoming aware of killer bacteria...

MEAT company Magrudis distributed 110,000 kilos of product AFTER becoming aware of listeria contamination in December 2018.  That is the accusation of Facua consumer association,...

Five people arrested over lethal listeria outbreak in Spain which caused seven abortions and killed three

FIVE people have been arrested in connection with the Listeria outbreak which has killed seven people and affected at least 200.  Guardia Civil cuffed the...

‘No new cases’ of listeria infection in Spain as health chiefs convinced outbreak is ‘in remission’

SPAIN'S health ministry has announced there have been no new cases of listeria infection linked to the three recent outbreaks in Andalucia. The total number...

Outbreak of DEADLY Listeria virus confirmed in Spain, killing three people and affecting hundreds more in Mallorca

So far three people have died and seven women have aborted babies out of the 200 people confirmed to have caught it.

ALL pregnant women in Malaga must be assessed, says Government after first abortion due to listeriosis on Spain’s Costa...

Pregnant women will be asked if they have eaten the infected La Mecha brand of the popular Spanish food, ‘carne mechada’

Third elderly victim confirmed dead in Spain’s largest ever listeria outbreak as 200 still infected in total

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

Dog and British tourist who returned to UK added to list of 200 victims in Spain’s biggest ever listeria...

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

The 15 foods you MUST avoid as second person dies in Spain’s ‘largest ever’ listeria outbreak

A SECOND person has fallen victim to a bacterial infection following Spain's 'largest ever' outbreak of listeriosis. A 72-year-old man passed away today from...

First death of listeria outbreak in Spain’s Andalucia is 90-year-old woman who had eaten popular pork product

It comes as the infected meat products were revealed to have been distributed to Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Tenerife and Madrid

Listeria outbreak infects 80 people including 15 pregnant women in Spain’s Andalucia after bacteria found in 2,000 packs of...

Healthy people may have mild symptoms, however listeria can be fatal for older people, newborns and patients with weakened immune systems




Two men poisoned by carbon monoxide in wastewater tank in Spain’s Valencia’s area

FIREFIGHTERS rescued two men rendered unconscious by deadly carbon monoxide fumes at an Oliva business on Saturday. An emergency call was made from a car...


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