SPAIN’S health ministry has announced there have been no new cases of listeria infection linked to the three recent outbreaks in Andalucia.

The total number of people who have been infected remains at 215.

It added that the number of patients still being treated has been substantially reduced.

Only 21 people remain hospitalised, of which 14 are in Sevilla, three in Cadiz, two in Malaga and one in both Huelva and Granada.

Its a reduction of 86% since the height of the outbreak on August 22.

There are no patients in the ICU and there have been no new cases of abortions of infected newborns.

Spokesman Jose Miguel Cisneros said the data ‘continues to show that the outbreak is in remission.’

It is expected to come to an end at the end of October, meanwhile it is possible that isolated cases will appear in the population at risk.

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