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DATA DENIERS: Spain makes it into the top 20 list

SPAIN has made it into the top 20 countries which try to censor online data the most. 

In 2009, Google started recording the amount of content removal requests it received from governments and courts across the globe.

Several other major media companies then followed suit, such as Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft. 

Pro-consumer site Comparitech then used the data to analyse which countries were the most concerned with online data.

India dominated the top spot with 77,620 removal requests, Russia was second with 77,162, the United Kingdom came in tenth with 6,402.

Spain, meanwhile, came in 12th place, with 1,592 removal requests since 2009.

Spain Among Top 20 Countries Which Try To Censor Online Data The Most

Data also showed the main reason behind removals was ‘national security.’

The biggest leap in content removal requests came in 2016 when there was a whopping 168.13% increase.

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