‘LIES, damned lies and statistics,’ as former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said.

Anyone can throw claims and figures about.

It is what’s behind the statistics that matters.

At the Olive Press we simply publish our numbers according to official Google Analytics numbers and report on our most popular stories of the fortnight.

We also like to remind our readers that we are Spain’s Number One English news site by a country mile.

What we DON’T do is buy followers on Facebook or Twitter or acquire overnight website links (hundreds of thousands of them, like some rivals do) to artificially boost our site.

We simply grow organically, thanks to our diet of good reporting and investing in journalism.

And we let the numbers do the talking.


Yes, we are the definitive media group in Spain with the numbers.
That means 1.2 MILLION visitors a month to our website, reading around 1.6 MILLION pages.

That adds up to 400% growth online in a year.

We have grown steadily from 200,000th position in the world to 11,628 in the world, according to in just one year.


What this means is we can help your business target either expats of all nationalities here in Spain, or northern European and American tourists visiting.

Combine this with our nearly 100,000 printed papers a month and, for a keen and competitive price, we can ensure that your business grows in a competitive and tricky market.

Send us an email today at or call us at 00 34 951273575 to help your business grow

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