US President Donald Trump has revealed a list of tariffs for Spanish olive oil, wine and cheese, as trade tensions heighten.

The US has threatened to imposes taxes on 150 different products, 25% for agrifoods and 10% for aircraft it buys from Spain.

The outspoken US leader called the extra taxes on EU countries, a ‘big win’ and claimed the union had been ‘ripping off the United States for many years’.

Donald Trump
WAR: US President Donald Trump has pledged to imposed huge taxes on Spanish products

Last year Spain is thought to have made €930 million from its exports to the US, according to calculations by El Pais.

In 2018, wine and olive oil alone were the Spanish products most exported to the US, with the total put at just over €700 million.

Taxes of 25% are imposed on Spanish, French, German and British wine, ‘other than Tokay (not carbonated), not over 14% alcohol, in containers not over 2 liters’, according to a US document.

Clementine exports to the US, worth €8 million, are also hit, as well as lemons, worth €4.9 million.

The list of proposed taxes is only provisional and will be ratified on October 14 by Trump and the European Commission.

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