Loraine Gostling’s weather-won advice on how to prepare for a gota fría


My ponderings over the last week or so obviously took me to floods and the impact of the extreme weather we both enjoy and suffer here on the Costa Blanca.

More recently, my tired brain was being engaged by the freakin’ mess the UK is in right now and wondering how many sleepless nights all these headless chickens, who I have now renamed ‘Polloticians’ are causing – especially to those who have settled and love their life here. 

But I will not linger on that particular can of fat, juicy worms right now.

As a few regular readers will know, I run a local Facebook group, which is both a beauty and a beast. 

It has a way of really grinding my gears, especially after the watershed, when beer and wine-soaked members drain the last droplet, open their phones and proceed to bash the keys and spout stuff they would NEVER actually say face-to-face. 

On the other hand, it can be a wonderful and heartwarming place to go in times of crisis, as it proved last week. 

REFUGE: Facebook groups can be heartwarming places to go in times of crisis

During the gota fria, the group was in ‘beauty’ mode. Community spirit shone through, despite the fact that our area, properties in Javea, did not bear the worst anger of the storm. 

I am now going to pass on some useful information, for a change, as it could be helpful to readers when facing a possible evacuation due to fire or flood:

  • Keep pet carriers and leashes readily available to lead pets to safety/get them into vehicles. 
  • Keep a box or suitcase ready filled with precious photos, negatives, CDs or external drives, a torch and spare charger.  
  • Consider a bank deposit box and put all important papers in there. If not, put certificates, I.D/Residencia copies, passports, pet documents, deeds, contracts, pension and health papers all in one safe place.  
  • Take photos or a full video of your home and contents (this is good advice in case of burglary also). Insurance companies ask for proof when they are processing a claim and the more evidence you have, the less time it SHOULD take! 
  • Finally, if ever your property is in the line of a serious fire and you have a pool… place the bottles into the pool before you leave and ensure you have joined your Local Weather and Firewatch Facebook group. Their advice is invaluable.

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