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SHADY: Dijkman says she will be paying the German couple back within ten days…it’s been eight already

IT has taken weeks of digging, but this week we expose the shoddy business practices of estate agent Pandora Homes.

We don’t take lightly to reporting on such a case, but it is clear that too many corners were taken with great sums of money that simply were not the owners.

That a client of bosses Nadine Dijkman and her partner Eddy should be owed €290,000 seven months after entrusting it to them is nothing short of a disgrace.

This was, after all, for an apparently simple home purchase.

A further €300,000 is understood to be owed to other clients and former disgruntled staff, now out of a job.

It has been a painstaking process getting to the bottom of this case and other dealings of Nadine and Eddy. Much of it because of the language.

We have spoken to many former employees, lawyers and even journalists from across Europe.

We obviously hope a police probe will eventually lead to justice, but either way we’re pleased that our readers have now been warned about entrusting their money to this pair.

Though money may not yet be back in the hands of those affected, at least their voices have finally been heard.

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