MEDICAL marijuana in Gibraltar has finally become a reality as the Government has allowed the supply of cannabis products.

Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) doctors will be allowed to hand out ‘cannabis-based products’ once they have undertaken the appropriate training.

According to a government statement the GHA will ‘not administer such products by smoking’.

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Patients with any of the following conditions are eligible for the medical cannabis:

  • Moderate to severe muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis that has failed to respond to standard medications
  • Severe, refractory epilepsy that has failed to respond to standard medications
  • Severe and life-altering pain that has failed to respond to standard and rising levels of pain control medications
  • Intractable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy despite the use of standard treatments under supervision

The pharmacy at St. Bernard’s Hospital is the only place the newly-authorised products are available from.

A Government spokesperson said: “HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the publication of the Drugs (Misuse) (Amendment) Regulations 2019 (the “Regulations”), which amend the Drugs (Misuse) Regulations 2005.”

Acting Medical Director, Dr Krishna Rawal said: “In my considered view, cannabis oil certainly has its place in the modern medical care of some patients.

“Over time, I am certain that the increased use of cannabis for medical purposes will generate overwhelming evidence in support of its use.”

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