CHANCES of an election and second referendum have inched closer after the EU gave the go ahead for a Brexit extension until January 2020.

The extension means the UK will no longer leave on Boris Johnson’s ‘do or die’ Brexit deadline of October 31.

EU Council President Donald Tusk has called the extension a “flextension” – meaning the UK could leave before the deadline if a deal is approved by parliament.

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It comes as Boris Johnson tries to pass a bill in parliament today, calling for an early general election on December 12.

The SNP and Lib Dems have also proposed an election for December 9.

The UK was due to leave the EU on October 31, but Johnson was required to request an extension after Parliament failed to agree a Brexit deal.

The prime minister had repeatedly said the UK would leave on the Halloween deadline with or without a deal.

However, parliament passed the Benn Act – which forces him to accept the EU’s offer of an extension.

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