Vox leader Santiago Abascal

VOTERS in Spain have taken a swing to the right just days ahead of a fresh general election.

According to the latest SocioMetric survey for El Espanol, the PSOE will see its majority fall by six to 117 seats.

Meanwhile, the conservative Partido Popular would increase its share of the vote the most, going from 66 seats to 101.

Far right Vox would be the third-largest party if an election was held tomorrow, with the poll forecasting 38 seats, 14 more than the last snap vote in April.

Unidos Podemos would drop eight seats, from 42 to 34 while centre-right Ciudadanos would only win 19 seats, losing a massive 38.

New party Mas Pais, led by Inigo Errejon, would claim five seats in its first ever national election.

Caretaker prime minister Pedro Sanchez has seen his PSOE party’s lead in the polls diminish ever since the trouble in Catalunya began.

The issue has become central to the election and has seen Sanchez accused of ‘inaction’ over the management of the violent protests.

Vox wants to undo laws aimed at protecting women’s rights and is openly against gay marriage.

Voters go to the polls on November 10.

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