A GOVERNMENT official called in the Guardia Civil to investigate the ‘robbery’ of sensitive documents before a cleaner admitted to throwing them out to ‘make some space’.

The municipal architect for Teulada-Moraira Town Hall, on the Costa Blanca, reportedly gave the cleaner an ‘anxiety attack’ when she realised what she had chucked out.

The cleaner reportedly had cleared shelves from a cupboard in the architect’s office in the department of Urban Development.

The truth came out during a Questions and Answers session at the last plenary council meeting, when opposition leader Raul Llobell pressed the cleaner why she didn’t ask the architect first.

“Were the documents bothering you?” the opposition leader asked.

“Did you even read them? And do you have a professional capacity to dispose of these documents?”

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FALSE ALARM: Guardia Civil were called in to investigate the ‘robbery’ of sensitive documents before a cleaner revealed chucking them out to ‘save space’

He also inquired why the cleaner hadn’t come clean two weeks previously when the architect had called in the Guardia Civil.

“It was an error,” said Rosa Vila, Teulada-Moraira mayor.

“An employee in the Urban Development department thought the documents were old and went back to the days of the previous municipal architect.

“Since more space was needed, she mistakenly threw them out.

“But they were all scanned and wouldn’t have been lost.”

The semi-destroyed documents were reportedly in rubbish bags and were saved just before being taken to landfill.

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