THE Russian man who allegedly slit his his ex-partner’s in Denia last month has told a judge he is ‘gay’ and ‘can’t remember’ committing the brutal murder.

Roman Ch., aged 54, testified in Denia Court that he remembers scaling ex-partner Helena’s 2nd-floor apartment block with a ladder and breaking in through a balcony window.

He also recalled carrying a butcher’s knife he had purchased the previous day.

However, the Russian national said he had ‘no recollection’ of murdering 44-year-old Helena with the blade despite police arresting him in the kitchen covered in blood and with the murder weapon at his feet.

‘I’M GAY’: Roman Ch. testified before Denia Court on October 24 last month

Roman, who urged Helena to leave Russia for Spain three years ago after meeting her on a dating site, also maintained he was ‘gay’ and never had a relationship with the mother-of-one.

The alleged murderer reportedly asked the judge if he had also murdered 11-year-old Anastasia due to his amnesia of the event.

Court declarations revealed Roman had given Anastasia his phone and requested her to call police before he barged into Helena’s room to murder her while she was sleeping.

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