A GANG leader had been out of prison for less than 24 hours when he launched a vicious attack outside a nightclub in Andalucia. 

Known only as I.H.P, the ringleader of the group had been locked up for crimes against public health and for belonging to a criminal organisation.

On the day of his release in January, he and three accomplices ambushed a man at the exit of a nightclub and stabbed him four times in the back.

The attack severed the man’s spinal cord and caused brain damage.

The victim has been recovering in hospital but will not walk again due to the irreversible damage to the spinal cord.

Eyewitnesses placed the well known ringleader at the centre of the crime.

Policia Nacional tracked the thug, who lead them to two others suspected of being involved in the stabbing, known only as J.L.P.D.C and V.C.L.

A man known only as L.M.G was also cuffed for helping to conceal the crime.

The last suspect, FJPO, was only caught this week after managing to evade police on several occasions.

One attempt at his capture saw him try to run over a police officer as he sped off in a car.

He was finally picked up on Monday while leaving a hospital after visiting a relative.

All the detainees have a police record and three of them were sent straight to prison ahead of trial.

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